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ECB Tweet On Valentine’s Day Backfires, Prompts Scorching Criticism From Social Media

Perhaps looking to be lighthearted, or perhaps just looking for something to do in between printing more money, the ECB took to their Twitter account on Valentine’s Day to Tweet out a love poem about monetary policy.

While some would just write this off as a bit of PR or some good-natured spin in order to acknowledge the holiday, the Tweet instead backfired in a big way. It prompted over 2,000 responses, many of which seemed to be critical not just of the ECB’s attempt at making a joke, but also at their larger ongoing failure of monetary policy as a whole.

While browsing some of the responses, it dawned on us: it is starting to feel like (perhaps as a result of bitcoin’s popularity) the average person is understanding the folly of Central Banking moreso than they ever have. 

The responses to the ECB Tweet varied in subject matter, but many people hilariously responded in kind. There were digs on authoritarianism and taxes:

There were responses critical of monetary policy as a whole, including rigging interest rates and the bond market:

Others who couldn’t even finish their poetry because the sound of the BRRRRR was just too overwhelming:

There were predictions of coming hyperinflation:

And the obvious acknowledgment that Central Banks are out of options:

You also had your bitcoin fanatics weigh in:

And then there was the obligatory nod that money printing only leads down one road; currency collapse:

We hope you had a nice Valentine’s weekend, Christine.

Tyler Durden
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