Conservatives Flock to Grassroots GOP Positions to Push Party ReformEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

Conservatives across the country are applying for local Republican official positions in a bid to reform the party. Some feel a major part of the party establishment consists of “Republicans in name only,” or RINOs, who no longer represent their voter base. The movement aims to fill the many vacant positions of precinct committee officers. Those involved in the effort estimate that roughly 400,000 of these jobs exist nationwide, with half or more empty, although the precise number is hard to determine since the GOP doesn’t publish overall data. These grassroots positions wield significant power and influence. Either directly or through electors and delegates, they elect state GOP leaders as well as a state’s delegation to the Republican National Committee (RNC), which then elects the national party leadership. They are also commonly drawn upon to fill election oversight positions, such as poll observers and ballot signature verification monitors. Some local …Read More

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