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Just think… It was only four months ago when President Trump lectured Joe Biden on wind power’s “glitchy, pricey, bird-slaughtering way to make electricity.”

The liberal media unanimously mocked President Trump for his statements on windmills.

In fact, the Associated Press put out a special “fact check” to condemn President Trump’s arguments and “set the record straight.”

Via the AP:

President Donald Trump’s dismissal of wind power as a glitchy, pricey, bird-slaughtering way to make electricity is out of step with the times.

He slammed the technology in his debate with Democrat Joe Biden on Thursday night, falsely contending wind power is dirtier and far pricier than natural gas. Here’s a look at what he said:

…TRUMP: “It’s very intermittent. It’s got a lot of problems.”

THE FACTS: He’s exaggerating the downsides.

Trump’s opinion about wind power being unreliable isn’t shared by many big energy users. By next year, renewables such as wind and solar will be providing more of Americans’ electricity than nuclear- and coal-fired power plants do, says the government’s Energy Information Administration.

And it says that by 2045, renewables will surpass even natural gas in powering U.S. electricity plants.

Now we know that President Trump was 100% correct.

A winter storm this week caused chaos in Texas where power outages were and are still widespread since Monday morning. This means that hundreds of thousands of Texans are without electricity as temperatures fell into the teens near Dallas and in the 20s around Houston.

Turbines Freeze Up in Texas Cold Snap – Shutting Down Nearly Half of the Wind Energy in West Texas

Trump was right.
The wind mills are frozen in Texas.

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