Oregon Christian School Drops Lawsuit After Governor Lifts In-person Learning BanEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

An Oregon Christian school that sued the state for not being allowed to teach in person during a pandemic lockdown has dropped the case after the ban was lifted. The First Amendment lawsuit was filed last October by Hermiston Christian School against Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, as well as heads of education and health departments. The private K-12 school argued that it was religious discrimination when the state forced “small” private schools—defined as those with 75 or fewer students—to close while allowing their secular, public counterparts to open for in-person instructions. According to the lawsuit, religious schools account for 100 percent of private schools in Umatilla County, where Hermiston Christian School is located. “Defendants’ COVID-19 orders and guidance generally prohibit in-person instruction but grant a ‘small school’ exception to public schools while denying the same exception to private religious schools,” the complaint reads. Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative legal organization …Read More

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