‘Dead Meat’: New York Democrat Warns Cuomo Is ‘Not a Nice Person’ and ‘Doesn’t Have Any Friends’Epoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is “not a nice person” who “doesn’t have any friends,” according to the former lieutenant governor of New York. Former New York Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch discussed the governor’s fall from grace in an interview with the New York Times after the majority of the New York Democratic congressional delegation called for Cuomo’s resignation. “The problem with Cuomo is no one has ever liked him,” Ravitch told the publication. “He’s not a nice person and he doesn’t have any real friends.” “If you don’t have a base of support and you get into trouble,” he added, “you’re dead meat.” Cuomo faces two separate investigations: one by the attorney general’s office into allegations of workplace sexual misconduct, and another from the Department of Justice into his role in undercounting nursing home deaths in New York. The governor, who has denied that he ever inappropriately touched …Read More

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