Democrat Leaders Welcome MLB All-Star Game to Their States: Georgia Election Law SagaEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

After Major League Baseball decided to move out the All-Star game out from Georgia as a response to the state’s newly passed election integrity law, several political leaders, all Democrats so far, are welcoming the game to their states. The Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon wrote Friday on Twitter that his state would welcome the All-star Game. “Hey, MLB, we in Minnesota would welcome the All-star Game! Bonus: We have pro-voter election laws, and the #1 voter turnout in the nation,” Simon wrote. Recently, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed into law election reforms that would require photo ID for absentee voting, mandatory dropbox security, and mandatory early voting dates, among other measures. According to The Denver Post, a spokesperson for Colorado Governor Jared Polis said that he would welcome the All-Star game to their local field. “The governor knows that Colorado is the best home for the All-Star Game, especially because Colorado also …Read More

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