Biden Makes False Claims About Guns In Executive Order Presser, Gets ATF Name WrongThe Daily Wire

Democrat President Joe Biden made a number of false and misleading claims about firearms on Thursday as he announced his administration’s initial crackdown on Second Amendment rights.

At the start of his remarks, Biden controversially claimed that his plans to crack down on Second Amendment rights did not “in any way impinge on the Second Amendment.” Biden claimed that anyone suggesting that his actions were a crackdown on the Second Amendment was engaging in “phony arguments.”

Biden claimed that adding a stabilizing brace to a pistol makes it “more lethal” because it makes the firearm “more accurate.” While a brace can help stabilize the weapon, a person’s ability to be accurate with a firearm is largely dependent on how much they practice shooting. The idea that a brace makes a pistol “more lethal” is also not accurate because the brace does not alter the rate of fire of the pistol and does not alter the velocity of the projectile that is fired from the weapon.

Biden also again called for banning semi-automatic long guns—which essentially operate the same way that pistols do by firing one shot each time the trigger is pulled—and falsely suggested that a previous ban on those weapons that was enacted under the Clinton administration saved lives.

ProPublica, a left-wing journalism organization, reported that a study of the 1994 ban found “no evidence that it had reduced overall gun crime or made shootings less lethal.”

Biden also repeatedly got the name of the ATF wrong, calling it the “AFT.”

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