Gun Rights Groups Say Biden’s Gun Orders Are ‘Tyrannical,’ Will ‘Dismantle’ Second AmendmentEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

One of the largest gun rights groups in the country said it is preparing to fight a slew of executive actions from the Biden administration, claiming they’re “tyrannical” and that they will “spare no expense” in defeating them. “Gun Owners of America is wholeheartedly opposed to the unconstitutional gun control threatened today by President Biden—restrictions such as the attacks on homemade and brace equipped firearms and so-called ‘Red Flag’ Gun Confiscation Orders,” said Gun Owners of America’s Senior Vice President Erich Pratt in a statement. On Thursday, President Joe Biden unveiled executive actions that the administration will take, including restricting so-called “ghost guns” made from do-it-yourself kits, the aforementioned Red Flag laws, investing in “community violence interventions,” nominating David Chipman—a gun control advocate—to head the ATF, and issuing a yearly report on firearms trafficking. Biden, in announcing the orders, said it would help “confront not just the gun crisis but what is actually …Read More

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