Biden Administration: Officials Have ‘Low to Moderate Confidence’ in Russian Bounties IntelligenceEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

U.S. intelligence officials only have “low to moderate confidence” in reports that Russia offered bounties to the Taliban for the killing of American troops, an official revealed on Thursday. “The United States intelligence community assesses, with low to moderate confidence, that Russian intelligence officers sought to encourage Taliban attacks against U.S. and coalition personnel in Afghanistan in 2019 and perhaps earlier, including through financial incentives and compensation,” a senior official in President Joe Biden’s administration told reporters on a phone call. “U.S. intelligence community agencies have low to moderate confidence in this judgment, in part because it relies on detainee reporting and due to the challenging operating environment in Afghanistan,” the official added. The conclusion is based on information and evidence of connections between criminal agents in Afghanistan and elements of the Russian government. Similar to past administrations, officials in Biden’s government share critical details on an array of subjects with …Read More

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