Child Safety Groups Urge Zuckerberg to Drop Plans for ‘Babyish’ Instagram for Kids Under 13Epoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

A broad-based coalition of child safety advocates has sent a letter to Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg, urging him to abandon plans to launch a version of Instagram for children under 13, saying it’s not the right fix for the problem of kids lying about their age to get on the platform and it would “put young users at great risk.” “Launching a version of Instagram for children under 13 is not the right remedy” for the problem of kids dodging age controls, wrote the coalition, which consists of 35 organizations and 64 individual experts, coordinated by the nonprofit Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. In the letter (pdf), the coalition said Facebook’s plans to develop a kids’ version of Instagram “will subject young children to a number of serious risks and will offer few benefits for families.” “Instagram, in particular, exploits young people’s fear of missing out and desire for peer approval …Read More

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