DoorDash Suffers Widespread Outages As Hangry Millennials Vent On Twitter ZeroHedge News

DoorDash Suffers Widespread Outages As Hangry Millennials Vent On Twitter 

As millennials wind down for the evening in a post-pandemic world, online food ordering and food delivery platform, Doordash, is suffering widespread outages across the country, according to Downdetector

Reports of outages first began around 1900 ET. 

The outage map shows widespread disruption across the US. 

Millennials are venting on Twitter that DoorDash has randomly canceled their orders or some are having payment issues. 

One millennial was pissed: “DoorDash canceled my order after I waited a hour I’m not being a good person no more.” 

Another said, “you guys keep blocking my payments saying it’s fraud… ive called over 10 times and nothing is done about it.. like I can’t order food now!! It even deactivated my sister’s account, and now I know you guys are saying my card is fraud. when its my card.” 

“My card was charged twice but it shows no active orders?! What’s going on?” one Twitter user said

Google trends show over the last hour, “doordash canceled my order,” “doordash order cancelled,” and “why did doordash cancel my order,” soared as hangry millennials searched for reasons why the app was malfunctioning. 

Maybe try Grubhub or Uber Eats… 

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