Republican Senators Critical of Biden’s Lack of Bipartisanship After Wednesday’s AddressEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

Moderate Republicans, many of whom have met with President Joe Biden to negotiate the administration’s pandemic relief bill, came away from the president’s address to the joint session of Congress doubtful about his calls for bipartisanship and unity. After the first 100 days, many of those GOP lawmakers who were hopeful about Biden’s desire to work with them across the aisle are now more cynical about how much input Democrats actually want from Republicans. “I was very hopeful with the tone he set that [Inauguration] day, and I said so at the time. And yet that rhetoric has not been matched by action. It hasn’t been matched by action when it comes to key policy initiatives they’ve already put forward, including the latest COVID-19 spending bill that passed in March. Remember, despite a 50-50 Senate and very tight majority in the House of Representatives, there was no outreach to Republicans …Read More

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