Tax Hike in New Proposal Only for Couples Making More Than $509,000: White HouseEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

President Joe Biden’s proposal to increase taxes to pay for school for some would affect couples making more than $509,299 according to a White House official. “Consistent with the President’s campaign proposal, we are proposing to reverse the tax cut for the top bracket by returning that top tax bracket to what it would’ve been under pre-2017 law. That applies to less than 1 percent of Americans—the very top earners,” a White House official told news outlets in a statement. “In 2022, those pre-2017 brackets are expected to be about $452,700 in taxable income for a single individual and $509,300 in taxable income for a married couple.” The clarified numbers are for the tax hike Biden proposed in his $1.8 trillion American Family Plan. The White House fact sheet on the proposal says no Americans making $400,000 per year or less would see their taxes go up. Biden has also claimed before, including …Read More

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