Former Senator Harry Reid Thinks Government Has UFO ‘Fragments’ Backs Ex-Pentagon Official Who Claims Cover-UpThe Daily Wire

Former Nevada Senator Harry Reid told the New Yorker late last week that he believes government defense contractor Lockheed Martin is in possession of “fragments” of a crashed alien spacecraft salvaged from a wreck.

Reid, who, as a Senator, led the effort to bankroll a secretive Pentagon program charged with investigating reports of “unidentified flying objects” reported by military pilots, has been a vocal proponent of opening what he believes are secretive UFO files, including information he seems to believe has been “covered up” by government officials.

In his interview with the New Yorker, Reid claimed Lockheed Martin “may have once had fragments of a crashed UFO in its possession,” according to the New York Post. Reid told the magazine that “he had never actually seen proof of the remnants — but tried, unsuccessfully, to get approval from the Pentagon to find them.”

“I was told for decades that Lockheed had some of these retrieved materials,” Reid said. “And I tried to get, as I recall, a classified approval by the Pentagon to have me go look at the stuff. They would not approve that.”

“I don’t know what all the numbers were, what kind of classification it was, but they would not give that to me,” he added.

Before leaving office, President Donald Trump signed a COVID-19 relief bill that included a provision demanding the Pentagon release a comprehensive report on its Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

“That report must contain detailed analyses of UFO data and intelligence collected by the Office of Naval Intelligence, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force and the FBI, according to the Senate intelligence committee’s directive,” per a CNN report. “It should also describe in detail ‘an interagency process for ensuring timely data collection and centralized analysis of all unidentified aerial phenomena reporting for the Federal Government’ and designate an official responsible for that process.”

The ex-Pentagon official who claims to have been in charge of the AAIP program, Luis “Lue” Elizondo, claims that while he ran the Pentagon UFO office, he discovered evidence not just of higher-level technology, but of “bona fide” alien encounters, according to Elizondo’s own interview with the New York Post.

“It was a holy-s–t moment,” Elizondo said of discovering evidence of alien visits. “Oh, my gosh, it’s real. Well, crap, now we have to do something about it.”

Elizondo indicated to the Post that the forthcoming Pentagon report may not contain a full assessment of his findings, though he believes the truth will eventually be revealed.

“The level of interest is reaching a critical mass,” he said. “I think [government officials realize that] it would be like putting the cat back in the bag or like putting toothpaste back in the tube. Now that the government has acknowledged the reality of Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon [or UAP, which is synonymous with UFO] … it’s going to be real hard to backtrack.”

Reid said, recently, that he backs Elizondo.

“Mr. Elizondo has spent his career working tirelessly in the shadows on sensitive national security matters, including investigating UAPs as the head of AATIP,” Reid said in his own statement on the matter. “He performed these duties admirably.”

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