Biden Adviser: President Not Certain Schools Can Reopen in Fall, Virus ‘Unpredictable’Epoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

Anita Dunn, a senior adviser to President Joe Biden, told CNN during an interview on Sunday that Biden is not certain schools can reopen full-time for in-person learning this fall because the pandemic is “unpredictable.” “President Biden said in an interview that schools should probably all be open in the fall. Can you clarify?” CNN host Jake Tapper asked. Tapper also questioned Dunn if Biden would stand up to teachers’ unions if there was pushback about opening for full-time in-person learning. “Now, he said probably. He didn’t say absolutely,” Dunn said. “But, given the science, if the vaccination program in this country proceeds, if people do go get their vaccines, he does believe that schools should be able to reopen in September, and reopen safely, following the CDC guidelines. But he said probably. He said, did not say absolutely, because we have all seen this since, unfortunately, January of 2020. …Read More

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