House Republicans Seek White House Communications on ‘Cash Payments’ to Central AmericaEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

Republicans on the House Oversight and Budget committees are questioning cash payments being sent to Central America as part of a strategy to deal with the causes of the illegal immigration crisis. Reps. James Comer (R-Ky.) and Jason Smith (R-Mo.), the ranking members on the House Oversight and Budget committees, respectively, suggested that sending cash to countries with rampant corruption problems isn’t a good idea. “In the midst of a border crisis propelled by the Biden administration reversing successful deterrent policies, it is worrisome that the administration’s solution isn’t to reinstate those policies or replace them with workable solutions, but instead to funnel more money to pay countries to dissuade their citizens to break U.S. laws, particularly countries with corruption concerns,” their letter to Shalanda Young, the head of the Office of Management and Budget, stated. They were responding to a statement from Roberta Jacobson, the White House’s outgoing southern border coordinator, …Read More

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