Former Republican Joins Arkansas Race for Attorney General as DemocratEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

A former Republican announced on Monday that he is joining the 2022 race for Arkansas’s Attorney General as a Democrat. Jason Davis, 34, an attorney at a law firm he opened in Little Rock,Pulaski County—Davis Law Firm, which deals with small business law, family law, bankruptcy, estate planning, and appeals—said he was running to put an end to the “hyper-partisan drama” that has been dominating state governance. “As our state’s Attorney General, I will put you and your family first,” Davis said in a statement to news outlets. “Our state simply can’t afford more hyper-partisan drama, wasting millions more in taxpayer dollars on constant, warranted challenges to the constitutionality of our state’s actions. “The people need a lawyer, and it’s time we had an attorney general who will put the people’s business first. We have gone without that for too long,” he added. Originally from Saline County, Davis graduated from …Read More

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