Texas ‘Critical Race Theory’ Opponents Win School Board ElectionEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

Two candidates opposed to teaching critical race theory (CRT) in public school classes have been elected to a Texas school board. Nine months after Hannah Smith and Cameron “Cam” Bryan introduced a proposal to prevent teaching CRT in the Dallas-area Carroll Independent School District, the pair received nearly 70 percent of the vote in their respective races, winning two seats on the board. The election came after a 2018 video surfaced showing two students shouting the N-word. The district in response proposed a “Cultural Competency Action Plan,” drawing backlash from parents and the two candidates, who vocally criticized CRT. Some parents argued during school board meetings that the district’s proposal, which would require diversity and inclusion training, would create “diversity police” and discriminate against white children. Smith and Bryan won Saturday’s election in landslide, taking two open school board spots. “The voters have come together in record-breaking numbers to restore …Read More

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