Maine House Speaker Replaces Republicans on Committees Over Mask Rule ViolationEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

The speaker of the Maine House of Representatives this week stripped seven conservatives of their committee assignments, replacing them with Democrats. House Speaker Ryan Fecteau, a Democrat, made the move after the group, comprised of six GOP lawmakers and a Libertarian, entered the state Capitol without masks. Video footage posted by one of the legislators, state Rep. Laurel Libby, showed law enforcement stopping the group just inside the entrance. “In order to be in legislative space, your leadership said that you need to wear a mask. So we are asking you to wear a mask beyond this point,” one officer said. The group wondered what would happen if they kept moving forward into the building. The office said leadership, meaning Fecteau, would decide. After an aide said Fecteau was unavailable for a meeting, the group brushed past the officers. “When it became clear that Capitol Security and nonpartisan staff lacked …Read More

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