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Sometimes, the sports gods send down a gift from above. In this case, that gift has taken the form of the brooding rivalry between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau. 

There have been rumors swirling for quite some time that the two professional golfers aren’t exactly fans of each other, but it was finally confirmed this past Sunday after Phil Mickelson’s history-making PGA Championship victory. 

On Monday, a video began circulating the internet showing Koepka’s apparent disdain for the brash DeChambeau. The video has since been taken down, but we can give you the play-by-play. 

Koepka was giving an interview after the PGA Championship when DeChambeau can be seen (and heard) walking behind him. DeChambeau appears to say something that can’t quite be understood before Koepka — obviously annoyed by his mere presence — has to pause the interview. “I lost my train of thought,” Koepka said. “Hearing that bulls***.” 

The video took the internet by storm, spawning countless memes, and speculation regarding the rivalry has reached a fever pitch. 

Let’s go back to the beginning to understand the mutual dislike between the two major champions. 

January 2019 — Koepka Calls Out DeChambeau’s Slow-Play

It’s no secret that DeChambeau has a history of annoying his fellow golfers with his style of play. He takes a different approach to golf — a more calculated, scientific approach — that can lead to longer times in between shots. 

At the 2019 Dubai Desert Classic, Koepka could no longer hold his tongue. 

“I just don’t understand how it takes a minute and 20 seconds, a minute and 15 to hit a golf ball; it’s not that hard,” Koepka told Golf Monthly podcast’s Michael Weston. “It’s always between two clubs; there’s a miss short, there’s a miss long. It really drives me nuts especially when it’s a long hitter because you know you’ve got two other guys or at least one guy that’s hitting before you so you can do all your calculations.”

Koepka was not the only PGA Tour player to comment on DeChambeau’s slow play, but he was the most noteworthy. 

August 2019 — Koepka And DeChambeau Have A Heart-To-Heart 

At the practice green at Liberty National, DeChambeau approached Koepka’s caddie — Ricky Elliot — to tell him that if Koepka had an issue with him, he should say it to his face. Well, Koepka did and the two chatted it out on the practice green. By all reports, the meeting never turned heated, but there certainly seemed to be an edge to it. 

Was standing on the putting green with Koepka’s caddie earlier when an irritated Bryson DeChambeau walked up & told him to tell his boss to make any comment about slow play “to my face”. Brooks arrived soon after, got the message & ambled over for a chat with the scientist.

— Eamon Lynch (@eamonlynch) August 11, 2019


“It was awesome,” DeChambeau said according to Golf Digest. “It was actually fantastic [talking to Brooks]. I appreciate what Brooks did. I have high respect for him because he did that. There was one instance he said in Abu Dhabi, and he said, ‘Yeah, I said something about that, but it was in general and got blown out of proportion.’”

August 2019 — Koepka and DeChambeau Trade A Few Jovial Words On A Podcast 

Shortly after their conversation at Liberty National, the two golfers joined “Out of Bounds” — the SiruisXM PGA Tour Radio show — and were asked about their impromptu meeting. 

“People acted like the two of y’all were going to fight,” host Micheal Collins said.

“Let’s be honest, we know who would win that fight and it’s not me,”  DeChambeau said. “Let me tell you right now he’d kick my a**.”

“He’s got that right,” Koepka responded. 

January 2020 — DeChambeau Isn’t A Fan of Koepka’s Physique 

During a livestream while playing a video game on Twitch, DeChambeau said of Koepka, “I don’t know if his genetics even make him look good, to be honest. In that ‘Body Issue’, he didn’t have any abs. I got some abs!”

Bryson goes after Brooks’ physique!!

— Eric Patterson (@EPatGolf) January 15, 2020


Koepka fired back the next day, citing his four major tournament trophies. 

You were right @b_dechambeau I am 2 short of a 6 pack!

— Brooks Koepka (@BKoepka) January 16, 2020


July 2020 — The Kenny Powers gif

It’s well-known that DeChambeau is attempting to change the game of golf by simply out-driving everyone. For golf purists, it’s an assault on the “gentlemen’s game,” but it’s hard to argue with the results. After golf paused due to the coronavirus lockdowns, DeChambeau returned to the course looking noticeably bigger, hitting drives never seen before in golf. 

During his three-stroke victory at the Rocket Mortgage Classic, DeChambeau had a run-in with a cameraman that was caught on video. The outburst and newly-found strength of DeChambeau caused a few to mention roid-rage — including Koepka.

— Brooks Koepka (@BKoepka) July 7, 2020


July 2020 — Ants Marching 

At the WGC FedEx St. Jude Invitational, DeChambeau hilariously asked for relief due to a fire-ant hill near his ball. His request was denied, but that didn’t stop the jokes from flying online. 

Koepka got in on the fun the next day, pointing out an ant to his caddie before saying “nah, I’m just kidding,” as his caddie came in for a closer look. 

No matter how @BKoepka plays this weekend, we’ll always have this.

— Skratch (@Skratch) July 31, 2020


May 2021 — Barbs Exchanged On Twitter

Days after Koepka’s video went viral, it was announced that DeChambeau would be paired alongside Aaron Rodgers in Capital One’s The Match celebrity golf tournament. The two will be playing against Phil Mickelson and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, and Koepka just couldn’t help himself. 

@BKoepka It’s nice to be living rent free in your head!

— Bryson DeChambeau (@b_dechambeau) May 26, 2021

It seems that the feud between DeChambeau and Koepka is finally out in the open, and golf should be thanking their lucky stars for the free press.

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