Biden Attends Memorial Day Ceremony, Pays Tribute to Fallen Service MembersEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

President Joe Biden marked Memorial Day with a speech at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia that made references to the American soldiers who died in past conflicts. “We owe the honored dead a debt we can never fully repay,” Biden said in reference to the fallen service members. “We owe them our whole souls. We owe them our full best efforts to perfect the union for which they died.” And the president stated that the United States has to honor the sacrifices of generations of service members “by sustaining the best of America while honestly confronting all that we must do to make our nation fuller, freer and more just.” “Empathy is the fuel of democracy,” Biden continued. “Our willingness to see each other not as enemies, neighbors, even when we disagree, to understand what the other is going through.” The president also warned about creeping authoritarianism across the world …Read More

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