Biden Marks Son Beau’s Death With Grave Visit, Remarks to Military Families Ahead of Memorial DayEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

WILMINGTON, Delaware—President Joe Biden marked the sixth anniversary on Sunday of his son Beau’s death with a visit to his gravesite and a speech about grief to military families and veterans, on the eve of the Memorial Day holiday commemorating the country’s military dead. Biden and his wife, Jill, visited Beau Biden’s grave in Delaware and attended church at the cemetery in the president’s home state on a cold, overcast day. The president spoke later to military families and veterans at Veterans Memorial Park about his loss, and theirs. “We must remember the price that was paid for our liberties. We must remember the debt we owe those who have paid it, and the families left behind. My heart is torn in half by the grief,” Biden said. Beau Biden, a former Delaware attorney general, died of brain cancer in 2015 at age 46. “As many of you know, this …Read More

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