DeSantis Vows to Oppose Republican School Board Members Who Support Critical Race TheoryEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over the weekend vowed to turn the Republican political apparatus of his state against school board candidates who support teaching Critical Race Theory. “We’re not going to support any Republican candidate for school board who supports Critical Race Theory in all 67 counties or who supports mandatory masking of schoolchildren,” DeSantis told Fox News host Dan Bongino. Critical Race Theory is an ideology rooted in Marxist theory of class struggle, but with a focus on race. It sees American society through the lens of racial struggle and seeks to dismantle all aspects of society that are deemed inherently racist. “Local elections matter. We are going to get the Florida political apparatus involved so we can make sure there’s not a single school board member who supports Critical Race Theory,” DeSantis added. The governor’s comments come as the State Board of Education is scheduled to meet on …Read More

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