Biden Supply-Chain ‘Strike Force’ to Target China on TradeEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

WASHINGTON—The United States will target China with a new “strike force” to combat unfair trade practices, the Biden administration said on Tuesday, as it rolled out findings of a review of access to critical products, from semiconductors to electric-vehicle batteries. The “supply chain trade strike force,” led by the U.S. trade representative, is looking for specific violations that contributed to a hollowing out of supply chains that could be addressed with tariffs or other remedies, including toward China, White House senior director for international economics and competitiveness Peter Harrell told reporters. Officials also said the Department of Commerce is considering initiating a Section 232 investigation into the national security impact of neodymium magnet imports used in motors and other industrial applications, which the United States largely obtains from China. President Joe Biden ordered the review of critical supply chains in February, requiring executive agencies to report back within 100 days …Read More

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