DOJ to Require Federal Officers to Wear Body Cameras for Search and Arrest WarrantsEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

The Department of Justice will require its federal officers to wear body cameras while carrying out search and arrest warrants, marking a shift from a long-standing policy that barred federal agents from wearing body cameras. In a memorandum issued Monday (pdf), Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco directed multiple DOJ law enforcement agencies to develop policies that would mandate body cameras to be worn and activated by federal officers while they carry out pre-planned searches or arrests. Monaco said her policy decision was “based on recommendations from the Department’s law enforcement components.” “The Department of Justice recognizes that transparency and accountability in law enforcement operations build trust with the communities we serve,” Monaco said in the memo, later adding, “I am proud of the job performed by the Department’s law enforcement agents, and I am confident that these policies will continue to engender the trust and confidence of the American people …Read More

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