Prospects for Hill Aides’ Pay Raises Remain Cloudy as Congress Deals with Shrinking Staffs, Brain DrainEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

Congressional staff aides are rarely in the public eye except during televised committee hearings when they occupy seats behind the senators and representatives, handing helpful notes and important documents to the lawmakers as they cross-examine witnesses. They may be obscure to taxpayers, but Hill aides are among the most influential groups in Washington for shaping the laws of the land. They do the bulk of needed research, draft the bills, deal with lobbyists, and script headline-making hearings. Most important, Hill aides have the kind of frequent direct access to individual senators and representatives that the most well-connected K-Street lobbyists can only dream about. Even so, Hill aides are among the least-paid power-brokers in the nation’s Capitol, receiving on average compensation that is 20 percent less than executive branch employees, according to Demand Progress Education Fund Policy Director Daniel Schuman. As a result, it’s common, for example, for a representative’s Legislative …Read More

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