Some Arizona Republicans Vote Down GOP Election Integrity BillEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

Two Arizona Republican state senators traded accusations on June 30 over the partisan defeat of an election integrity bill that sought tighter security restrictions in future elections. Kelly Townsend (R) criticized Michelle Ugenti-Rita (R), the chairwoman of the Arizona Senate Government Committee, after she voted with Democrats to kill the bill that Townsend had sponsored, ostensibly because Townsend didn’t go through a round with a committee before presenting the bill for a hearing. Townsend said in a Twitter post on Tuesday, “Michelle Ugenti-Rita, candidate for AZ Secretary of State, just killed my bill, SB1241, which had over 34 serious election integrity and security provisions, because she was mad that I didn’t get her permission to run them.” Townsend further commented of Ugenti-Rita’s actions on the Senate floor, saying, “I was told it was because I went around the chair and her committee. That is no reason to kill a bill. That …Read More

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