Jan. 6th Trump Supporter Sentenced, Will Serve 8 Months in Jail; Peacefully Walked Inside and Took Selfie with “Q Shaman”The Gateway Pundit

On Monday, Paul Hodgkins pleaded guilty to one count of ‘obstruction” in federal court and was sentenced to 8 months in prison for walking around in the Capitol on January 6th and taking a selfie. He caused absolutely no damage and injured no one.

He was the first of over 500 Americans, that have been charged, to be convicted on felony charges and sentenced to jail time.

This patriot will now serve almost a year in jail as hundreds of violent antifa and blm terrorists walk free after their cases were dropped.

“Jan. 6 was an act of domestic terrorism” declares the US Attorney overseeing the case of Paul Hodgkins, who was just sentenced to 8 months in prison. Hodgkins pleaded guilty to an “obstruction” charge which involved him taking selfies — obviously the essence of “terrorism” pic.twitter.com/76QKEbfmzI

— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) July 19, 2021

According to court documents, Hodgkins was charged with 5 felonies for being in the Capitol for just 25 minutes from 2:50-3:15PM. During that time he walked into the Senate chamber and “took a selfie.” He then joined a group who were “shouting” and “praying” at the front of the chamber before leaving the Capitol building about 10 minutes later.

Left-wing prosecutors unsuccessfully pushed for a harsher punishment for Hodgkins. They argued that he should serve 18 months behind bars for his “crimes.”

As the judge read his sentence he accused the defendant of “assaulting the Capitol” and threatening democracy because he held a Trump flag in the air while inside.

Joseph Hackett, another protester who was at the Capitol that day, is also facing the prospect of jail time. He is accused of stepping inside for 10 minutes and faces 20 years for the “horrific” act.

Jan 6 Protester Faces 20-Years In Prison For Standing In Capitol For 10 Minutes – Wife Launches GiveSendGo

Thanks to the deep state and the media pushing their flagrantly false narratives about “the worst act since 9/11,” Trump supporters and free thinking patriots are now being jailed for waving flags and taking selfies.

This latest harsh punishment is worrisome for the other patriots and their families who are awaiting trial.

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