White House Is in the Process of Emptying Guantanamo Bay, With Goal to Close PrisonEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday the Biden administration is “considering all available avenues to responsibly transfer detainees,” and “close Guantanamo Bay.” “Yes, our goal is to close Guantanamo Bay,” Psaki said at Monday’s briefing. “I don’t have a timeline for you. As you know, there’s a process. There are different layers of the process, but that remains our goal and we are considering all available avenues to responsibly transfer detainees and of course close Guantanamo Bay.” Her comments came the same day that the Biden administration’s senior administration officials announced its first transfer of a detainee, Abdul Latif Nasir, from the military prison, back to Morocco. The Periodic Review Board (PRB) in 2016 decided Nasir was no longer a U.S. security risk and that his case could move forward, but the process was paused during the Trump administration who wanted to keep the prison open. A senior …Read More

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