Marc Maron Slams Fellow Comedian/Podcaster Joe Rogan, Says He Isn’t Worth Spotify DealThe Daily Wire

Perhaps it’s a case of the green-eyed monster.

Comedian and podcast host Marc Maron insulted Joe Rogan this week, suggesting the highest-paid podcaster in the world isn’t worth the $100 million Spotify offered him to move his show exclusiviely to that platform.

The “WTF Marc Maron” host was a guest on Tom Segura’s show, “2 Bears, 1 Cave,” on Monday where he suggested Rogan is over-compensated.

The “GLOW” star began by slamming Rogan’s decision to relocate from Los Angeles to Austin, TX, last year, comparing it to a 2009 horror movie that centered on a villain forcing captives to eat feces. “There’s like a human centipede in Austin,” he said, “It’s Elon Musk, Joe Rogan and three middle acts.”

Segura also recently moved to Austin, but Maron wasn’t bothered by his interviewer’s decision to live in the city he called “hipster Alamo.”

“You’re different,” he assured Segura. “You’re your own guy, you’re your own life, you weren’t one of the guys who rented out space in Joe’s a**.”

Maron then said that listeners would assume he was making fun of Rogan out of jealousy. “People are going to see that and say, ‘Look at Maron, he’s bitter.’ Why wouldn’t I be?” he laughed, “One hundred million dollars for going ‘I don’t know.’ Really … ‘I don’t know, man,’” he said in imitation of Rogan’s interview style.

Maron added, “I’m not going to accept Austin as the next Shangri-La … It’s still Texas.”

A significant paycheck difference and preference in home towns aren’t the only things separating the two actors. As Daily Wire contributor Christian Toto highlighted in 2019, Maron has tended to be a defender of cancel culture while Rogan has typically been a critic of the trend.

“Really, the only thing that’s off the table, culturally, at this juncture — and not even entirely — is shamelessly punching down for the sheer joy of hurting people,” Maron has said of online mobs demanding private citizens lose their livelihood for unpopular speech. “For the sheer excitement and laughter that some people get from causing people pain, from making people uncomfortable, from making people feel excluded. Ya know, that excitement.”

Rogan, on the other hand, has often taken pains to interview those who have been cancelled and has warned that if the woke have their way, straight, white men won’t be allowed to speak publicly anymore.

“You can never be woke enough, that’s the problem, it keeps going, it keeps going further and further and further down the line,” the MMA commentator said in May. “And if you get to the point where you capitulate where you agree to all these demands, it will eventually get to straight white men are not allowed to talk. Because it’s your privilege to express yourself when other people of color have been silenced throughout history. It will be you’re not allowed to go outside because so many people were imprisoned for so many years. I mean, I’m not joking, it really will get there.”

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