New York State Assembly Suspends Impeachment of Governor CuomoThe Gateway Pundit

After resigning this past week the New York State Assembly agreed to suspend the impeachment of Governor Cuomo.

The Daily Mail reported today:

The NY State Assembly has suspended its impeachment investigation into Andrew Cuomo in a move that has sparked suspicion of a ‘shady deal’ between the outgoing governor and New York Democrats that both satisfies public calls for his head while allowing him to preserve his career.

Cuomo resigned on Tuesday, before the Assembly could launch an impeachment trial that would not only block him from running again but would stop him from claiming his pension.

Others had wanted the impeachment proceedings to continue, claiming he should be stopped from seeking office again because of the nursing home scandal and the sexual harassment claims against him.

Earlier this week Governor Cuomo resigned after it appeared the Democrat powers decided to remove him from office. 

BREAKING: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo RESIGNS Amid Sexual Harassment Scandal (VIDEO)

It was a strange twist of fate for the governor who survived the deaths of thousands of elderly in New York due to his own insane COVID policies. 

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