ISIS Behind Afghanistan Bombings, US ‘Prepared to Take Action:’ GeneralEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

The ISIS terrorist group was behind the bombings in Kabul, Afghanistan on Thursday, according to a top U.S. general. “The threat from ISIS is extremely real. We’ve been talking about this for several days; we saw it actually manifest itself here in the last few hours with an actual attack,” Kenneth McKenzie, the CENTCOM commander general, told reporters in a briefing. “We believe it is their desire to continue those attacks and we expect those attacks to continue and we’re doing everything we can to prepare for those attacks,” he added. U.S. officials had warned this week about a possible ISIS attack, including in briefings with Congress. Military officials are continuing to coordinate with the Taliban, including conveying what they expect that terrorist group to do “to protect us,” according to McKenzie. That includes pushing the Taliban to expand the ground they are patrolling outside the airport. There’s no indication …Read More

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