Capitol Police Official: Intelligence Suggests Violence Could Occur at J6 RallyEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

Federal and local law enforcement officials in charge of the safety for the U.S. Capitol said there is intelligence to suggest there could be violence at the Rally being held on Sept. 18 to protest those imprisoned for their roles in the Jan. 6 breach on the Capitol. U.S. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said his police force and partners are prepared for any type of unlawful actions by protesters or counter-protesters. “Our mission tomorrow, and it is our mission every day, is to protect everyone’s rights to free speech and to allow them to lawfully demonstrate,” Manger told reporters at a press briefing on Capitol Hill on Friday. “But, there have been some threats of violence associated with this event for tomorrow, and we have a strong plan in place to ensure that it remains peaceful and that if violence does occur, we can stop it as quickly as …Read More

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