California Ends Mandatory Minimum Jail Sentences for Non-Violent Drug OffensesEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

California Gov. Gavin Newsom ended mandatory minimum jail sentences for non-violent drug offenses on Oct. 5, but a recovery advocate foresees an increase in drug deaths and crime ahead. Senate Bill 73, authored by state Sen. Scott Wiener, a Democrat, prohibits the probations or suspension of sentencing for a person who commits a drug offense. The legislation includes the sale of 14.25 grams of heroin or other illegal drugs and forging or altering prescriptions. Additionally, the legislation that is to go into effect on Jan. 1 further allows for probation to be granted, instead of jail time, and sentences suspended for individuals convicted of a non-violent drug offense. While Wiener applauded the legislation stating, “mass incarceration of non-violent drug offenders hasn’t reduced drug use or addiction,” some question the long-term impacts that will follow. According to Tom Wolf, a former drug addict and drug recovery advocate, taking away mandatory minimums …Read More

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