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The Maricopa County 2021 Local Election is already showing the same signs of mail-in voter fraud that occurred in the 2020 election.

Arizona State Representative Travis Grantham reported that he has received a mail-in ballot for his sister who “hasn’t lived, voted or paid taxes here for 15 years.”.

Liz Harris’s canvassing efforts found that this happens far too often to just be a coincidence.

WATCH – HUGE: Liz Harris On Steve Bannon’s War Room: Arizona Canvassing Efforts – WHERE DID THESE VOTES GO?! 173,104 LOST VOTES – 96,389 GHOST VOTES

Grantham’s sister moved to California but she continues to receive ballots at her parents’ address.

Rep. Grantham says that if mail-in voting is not cleaned up, it needs to be removed.

Grantham: My sister hasn’t lived, voted or paid taxes here for 15 years. She votes in CA. Yet somehow she’s registered to vote and keeps getting ballots at my parents address!

I wonder if anyone votes in her name on Election Day? Mail in voting either needs to get cleaned up or go away.

Write “undeliverable, moved” and send it back. Did she contact the elections department when she moved? And we can check to see if there is a vote on her record, but somebody would have needed to forge her signature.

— Stephen Richer—Maricopa Cnty Recorder (prsnl acct) (@stephen_richer) October 10, 2021

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer ran on fixing these issues and combating the fraud that the “incompetent criminal” Adrian Fontes and corrupt Secretary of State Katie Hobbs committed in prior elections.

Instead of fixing the issues, he spent almost a year fighting the Arizona audit and election integrity efforts, while working as a news correspondent for CNN.

He responded to this Tweet by blaming the confused family.

Thanks, they’ve done that at least once already and it keeps happening. She’s constantly getting messages from a certain party that starts with the letter “D” as well about registering to vote after we try to cancel it. I’m not into conspiracy but something ain’t right!

— Travis Grantham (@TravisGrantham) October 10, 2021

“Something ain’t right.”, said Grantham after reporting that the Democratic Party continues to try to register this out of state voter.

All unredacted evidence from the September 24th audit presentation and plenty more evidence of criminal wrongdoing have been presented to the Arizona Attorney General.

Something ain’t right and Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich needs to open a criminal investigation before they steal another election.

These fraudulent Arizona electors canceled out the voice of another state. This is a nationwide issue.

Contact Brnovich now and demand he protect our right to vote no matter what state you live in. 

Contact Arizona AG Mark Brnovich


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