Oregon Republicans Sue Democrats Over Redistricting ProposalEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

A group of Oregon Republicans filed a suit on Monday with the state court in an attempt to block the Democrats’ new redistricting maps, which the GOP alleges violate the state’s constitution. The four Republicans that filed the suit are all former elected officials in the state, including a secretary of state, two legislators, and a mayor of a small town. Their lawsuit argues that the new map of 6 congressional districts, is a partisan gerrymander that favors Democrats and violates Oregon laws. “The Oregon Constitution also prohibits partisan gerrymandering through its multiple provisions protecting voters’ rights to participate in the political process, express political view, affiliate or support a political party, and cast a vote,” states the Republicans’ petition filed with the court. The Democrat majority in the Oregon legislature was able to push through the new maps in September, after the Oregon legislature’s Speaker of the House, Tina …Read More

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