Rep. Dan Crenshaw Unveils Children’s Book That Warns About Cancel CultureEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), who has been outspoken about the left’s effort to cancel traditional American culture, recently debuted a children’s book—a story that warns about the impact of cancel culture. “You’ve got reach all audiences,” the former U.S. Navy SEAL told Fox News. “Parents are increasingly frustrated by their school’s curriculum. They can go find left-wing progressive and woke children’s books out there. It’s pretty hard to find exclusively conservative-themed children’s products.” Crenshaw’s book is the latest in a series by Brave Books that taps the talent of well-known conservatives with the goal of “empowering this generation’s youth with conservative values,” an effort to counter the pervasive progressive ideologies that currently dominate all aspects of American culture from entertainment to school curriculum. Crenshaw’s book, “Fame, Blame, and the Raft of Shame” attempts to fill a need for books that have a traditional message and honor the United States. The …Read More

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