Thousands Gather in Downtown Los Angeles to Protest COVID-19 Vaccine MandateEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

Thousands of protesters gathered outside of Los Angeles City Hall on Monday to protest the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for city workers that goes into effect on Dec. 18. Firefighters 4 Freedom, one of the groups leading the effort, took to Instagram to share video footage and thank protesters for their efforts in the “March for Freedom” effort. “The March For Freedom Rally was such an amazing success! Estimates have the turnout at 4,000+ people. On a Monday,” the organization said. “The only way to defeat this medical tyranny is through mass non-compliance. Today was an amazing demonstration of the soldiers ready to fight this battle. Be strengthened by the numbers today!” it added. The Los Angeles City Council passed the ordinance in August to require all city workers to receive a COVID-19 vaccination unless granted a medical or religious exemption. Those with an approved exemption are required to undergo regular …Read More

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