EXCLUSIVE: Hunt for the Virus Origin—Lab Secrets, CCP Coverups, and the Next Deadly Pandemic | Premiering: Nov. 12Epoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

Nearly 5.1 million* people have died (over 750,000 in the United States) from COVID-19 at the time of this video’s publication. The world’s top investigative resources, including some of its best scientists, have been deployed to find the virus’s origin. By and large, they’ve followed a trail that has led to Wuhan, China—and there met an impasse to their investigation, yet to be crossed. There are many clues in this mystery of the coronavirus’s origin, but few concrete answers. Perhaps that’s because the wrong questions are being asked. In my reporting, I’ve kept a close eye on China and its ruling regime. I knew that to understand how the global pandemic could have started there, it was necessary to understand what was happening in Wuhan city—at the markets, at the lab, and among the researchers–at that time. No one would have imagined the extraordinary pattern of intrigue, coverups, and blatant …Read More

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