Virginia Votes No to BidenEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

Commentary The recent American elections, especially in Virginia, turned out to be a referendum on President Joe Biden. Most issues were national ones which had a significant deleterious local impact. These included inflation, massive and uncontrolled illegal immigration that brings the importation of serious health issues, a widespread increase in crime, and the rights of parents to know what was happening in the schools and express their opinions on this. One newspaper in the Murdoch empire, The Australian, curiously concluded on Nov. 4 that Republican Glenn Youngkin winning the Virginian governorship, a Democrat stronghold, was a disaster for former President Donald Trump. The reason? It demonstrated that a republican candidate could win on the “strength of a good campaign alone,” that is, without Trump. But Trump did endorse Youngkin, with the sitting Democrat governor, Terry McAuliffe, campaigning on the theme that Youngkin was Trump’s puppet. This did not seem to worry …Read More

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