Alabama Gerrymandering Lawsuit Brings Political Manoeuvring as Democrats Aim to Increase PresenceEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

Two recent gerrymandering federal lawsuits against the state of Alabama highlight the unending fight between political parties to decide on congressional districts. In Alabama, the latest episode in this conflict is a challenge to a redistricting the state made in 2011. The federal lawsuits argue that the state drew districts to pack largely Democrat-voting African Americans into a single district. By doing so, Republican-controlled Alabama ensured one solidly Democratic district and six Republican districts. Arkansas Republican Party chair John Wahl said that this district arrangement was both fair and appreciated by minorities. “If we’re really concerned about minority rights, we want to protect minorities and make sure they have a voice representing them in Congress,” said Wahl. “What I seem to be seeing happen now is just an attempt to make sure that there’s Democrat representation.” But recent lawsuits by plaintiffs including Democratic politicians Sen. Rodger Smitherman and Sen. Bobby …Read More

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