Biden Salutes Troops After Administration Announces Plan to Treat Veterans’ AilmentsEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

President Joe Biden on Veterans Day saluted U.S. troops and his administration announced a multi-pronged effort to better treat veterans suffering from ailments believed to be linked to exposure to contaminants. Biden, speaking at the Arlington National Cemetery, said the day was about paying homage to “the bravery and dedication that distinguishes all of those who have earned the title of veteran.” “We have to remember there is nothing a low risk or low cost about war to the men and women who fight it,” he added later. Earlier Thursday, the Biden administration announced it was making it easier for veterans who believe they suffer from ills stemming from exposure to hazardous materials to get benefits. One prong of the effort is to allow the Department of Veterans Affairs to create “presumptions of exposure” when there’s evidence of health problems linked to environmental exposure “in the aggregate” but “hard to …Read More

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