Chicago Closes Schools for ‘Vaccination Awareness Day’ With Parents Scrambling for ChildcareEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

Chicago public schools cancelled schools for “Vaccination Awareness Day” on Nov. 12 to increase vaccinations among children, leaving some parents in need of childcare. “CPS plans to close all schools on Nov. 12, giving parents and guardians an opportunity to get their children vaccinated,” the Chicago Teachers’ Union (CTU) said on Twitter. “We welcome the district acknowledging the urgent need for parents and families to vaccinate their children, and providing time and opportunity to do so,” the statement added. The school closure also provided a paid day off for school staff members. “We’re all exhausted by daily challenges to safety and security confronted in this pandemic. CPS’ decision to close schools and give all school staff paid time off is welcome relief from the stress of trying to protect and educate students without resources to address their needs,” the CTU noted. The union said the mayor and city must “do …Read More

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