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The Biden gang is finally concerned about the border but it’s not the Southern border of the US.  It’s the border between Russia and Ukraine.

FOX News reported over the weekend:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has claimed that Russia amassed nearly 100,000 troops near his country’s border as concerns over an invasion continue to mount.

Zelenskyy said that the action made it clear to the world “who really wants peace and who is concentrating nearly 100,000 soldiers at our border” during a video speech broadcast Wednesday on his website.

Russia has dismissed any suggestions of an attack as inflammatory, instead complaining about increased activity by NATO in the region, Reuters reported.

American officials consulted European allies on the situation, warning that Russia could attempt to invade the country in the near future.
This no doubt is of concern to Biden since his son was on the board of a Ukrainian oil company Burisma.  Joe was worried about that relationship when he was Vice President.  He was so concerned about a prosecutor investigating Burisma when Hunter Biden was on the board, that he threatened Ukraine and demanded they remove the prosecutor before Biden would allow $1 billion in aid to Ukraine.  Biden later bragged about this criminal and corrupt action.


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