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President Trump released a statement today in response to a story by ABC reporter Jonathan Karl that Republican Senator Mitch McConnell attempted to obtain signatures so that President Trump wouldn’t be allowed at Biden’s inauguration.  

Yahoo reports:

…President Donald Trump sent the 8 January tweet that got him permanently banned from Twitter after he found out that Senator Mitch McConnell had penned a letter disinviting him from Joe Biden’s inauguration, a new book from ABC’s Jonathan Karl reveals.

But President Trump disagrees with Karl’s story and he lets third-rate Karl and McConnell know it.

President Trump let little arrogant Karl have it once when he spun a story in the White House during a presser.  Trump called Karl “third rate”.

McConnell is also a piece of work and President Trump’s comments on him and his wife are spot on.

It’s not harm that President Trump wasn’t at Biden’s inauguration.  No one else was there either.  On that day we knew Biden didn’t receive nearly the 81 million votes the corrupt Washington and US politicians claimed.  It looked like he barely got a thousand.

Video From Press Corps at Biden Inauguration Reveals Only About a Hundred People in Attendance Outside of Military and Press

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