The Chinese Woman Who Snuck Into Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Is Deported Back to ChinaThe Gateway Pundit

The Chinese woman who broke into Mar-a-Lago was recently deported back to China.

We reported in April 2019 on the frightening story of a Chinese woman who broke into Mar-a-Lago.

Chinese Woman Arrested at Mar-a-Lago While Trump Was in Town – Passed Through Secret Service Checkpoint with 4 Phones, Thumb Drive, Malware

Law and Crime reports that this woman has now been deported:

With her return to China, Sunday marked the end of a more than two-year saga for a woman convicted of trespassing at the Mar-a-Lago resort when Donald Trump was president. Yujing Zhang, 35, was only sentenced to eight months in federal prison, but she moved to immigration custody in early December 2019, according to The Miami Herald. It took them so long to deport her because the COVID-19 pandemic slowed travel worldwide, “sources familiar with her situation” reportedly said.

Authorities said that Zhang had four cell phones, a laptop computer, “one external hard drive type device,” and a thumb drive that contained malware. She repeatedly lied about why she was on the premises, once telling a Secret Service agent she was going to the pool, prosecutors said. Zhang ultimately represented herself at trial.

Apparently, this woman was not treated as a spy due to her minor sentencing?  Hopefully she didn’t do any harm on the Mar-a-Lago premises that we are unaware of.

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